How to Generate Innovative Business Culture Amongst Your Employees

To consolidate innovative business culture, it’s important to constantly transmit to your employees, through the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of your hotel, an organizational model that encourages both continuous improvement and the constant search for new alternatives in your products and services that exceed the expectations of your clients.

If you read my previous post, “Is your human talent ready for innovation?”, I referred to three key things necessary for innovation to occur: Culture (of the organization), People, and Organizational Processes (structure, infrastructure, strategy, process methodology, and political incentives).

Today I want to share my insights regarding the importance of your organization’s Culture, and the importance of building and transmitting said culture as the essence of your hotel.

Firstly, in order to understand the concept of Innovation, it’s important to consider the following:

  • It’s a way of life, both individual and organizational
• This way of life doesn’t occur spontaneously, but is created inan “enabled environment”
  • It’s born of your key values
  • You must be prepared to manage employees and costumers.


Now, successful management of innovation revolves around four basic steps:

1. Adopt a strategic approach to innovation.

2. Develop and use effective implementation structures and mechanisms (generation of ideas and application of said


3. Enhance your culture of innovation

4. Build and maintain effective external and internal links (Generation of Ideas)

That said, the Culture of your organization is enacted through your mission, vision, values, customs, beliefs, code of ethics, communication, and strategic leaders; culminating in the essence of your hotel.

If the above is not transmitted with persistence, dedication, and the continuous pursuit of the best results, the objectives cannot be achieved.

Therefore, if your organization wants to achieve the best results, you must implement profound operational changes which consequentially surpass the expectations not only of the clients, but of the direct competition as well.

Your Hotel’s Culture Is The DNA Of Innovation

Culture can both positively and negatively impact your hotel. To that end, it’s fundamental that you constantly work to solidify a coherent culture in order to obtain continuous growth over time.

In his book LIDERAZGO RESILIENTE: La Innovación en Entornos Adversos, (2013), Dr. Carlos Pittaluga posits that: “In a highly competitive world, even the best strategy isn’t su cient; in fact, even the strongest technology isn’t; they lack an added ‘plus’, evidently related with values, predominant beliefs, motivation for achievement, self-esteem, and the disposition of giving the best of oneself.”

For this reason, it’s of vital importance to know which e ects* will generate the Culture of Innovation in your hotel:

  • Better quality and a well-developed competitive edge*
• Motivation regarding the excellence and quality of service • Teamwork
• Values and ethic principles
• Productive spirit implemented through training models
• Instilling an attitude of commitment, creativity, loyalty and responsibility amongst employees
  • Defined motivations and goals that can be met

Now YOU tell me! What is the culture of your hotel like?

Ana María Pittaluga

Consultant of the hotel industry with more than 20 years of experience leading plans of business innovation and developing business in Latin America.


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